Posting Etiquette

1st things first…
Posting in the main thread has been paused from Nov 12th until Nov 30th 2019.

Please see the groups announcements for more information

Once posting is turned back on..Dec 2019

To support everyone please check that there is not an existing study support conversation thread that you can contribute to, or ask your question of.

How do I check to see if there is an existing thread that covers this topic of conversation?

Navigate to the group’s main menu and you will see that the last item in the menu is allows you to Search this group.

Looks just like this

You can also browse this external group support website’s current
A-Z list of our Study Support Conversation Threads here.

If your search results reveal that an on-topic conversation thread exists.
You are advised to read all the comments and replies within the thread to see if your question has been answered, or if your interesting article has already been shared within this thread.

After reading the thread you are better equipped to now share your thoughts, your question and or some words about a research article you have found or experience you have had.

To share a link to a new article in an existing thread simply copy and paste the link to where the article appears online and paste it at the end of your comment.

Be sure you are Facebook friends with me (group caretaker Abbey Mitchell) before submitting a post for approval. Most members are already my FB friends, however, if you are not, please send me a request now as it will make it so much easier for me to communicate with you regarding your pending posts if we are connected in this way.

Starting a whole new thread means writing and submitting a post for approval.

Do you need an anchor image?

To submit a post for approval first consider if you want to create an image that will anchor your new new thread to the group’s photo library forever.

This anchor image could be an important contribution to the group if you think that your topic of conversation is one that the study support group, as a whole, will benefit from exploring now and in the future.

Designing your whole new thread anchor image in a similar way to the existing anchor images is important. At the same time, make it stand apart from the other images around it when appearing in the group photo library
A thread dedicated to better understanding…( at top)
( your topic in larger type)
Research and Support ( below)

When creating an anchor image make sure it is clear to read when reduced to a small size, square in proportion and no smaller then 550 x 550 pxls.
Save your image as a .jpg or .png file type.

Along with your anchor image you will need to write exactly what appears in the anchor image as the start of your post so that the Facebook search engine can help group members find your post using the search this group tool.
The search robots can not read our images only our text.

And you are always welcome to send me a message with a request for the new thread and I will create an anchor image, along with the introduction to the thread. I will message you when it’s done with a link to take you there to write your comments and share your articles or ask your questions. This is very easy for me and no problem at all. Sometime it might take a few days for me to get to it. that’s all.

Would you be willing to consider making a small monthly contribution towards the sustainability of this support group?