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When using these links and discount codes you get a discount and I receive a small amount from the supplier for the referral. This helps support me (Abbey) in being able to continue to build My Healing Community, to share research summaries and spend time posting and commenting with useful information for the international healing cancer community. I continue to admin the The Healing Cancer Study Support Group (Facebook), 7 days a week and your support contributes to the cost of the development, infrastructure and on-going maintenance of the My Healing Community website and my associated day to day expenses.

MCS Formulas

"MCS FORMULAS are a trustworthy & reliable source of high quality SUPPLEMENTS CREATED FOR CANCER PATIENTS"
MCS donate 50% to improve and extend life of cancer patients. Learn more: "MCS We Donate 50%" program.
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MCS Formulas is a food supplement company founded by a scientist (Daniel Stanciu, PhD). Daniel's number one goal is to provide some of the most effective food supplements that cancer patients need, while also paying important attention to purity.

The MCS formulas company was set up and exists to fulfil the role of donating the lion's share of annual profits to support the transition of academic discoveries to clinical space. Discoveries with high potential to add value to the life of cancer patients, but that are not supported by anyone (as there is no underlying financial incentive).

Many of MCS Formulas products are best in the world in terms of amount of active ingredients and bio-availability support. The company is known for scientific expertise and care for cancer patients and they ship their products to nearly everywhere around the World.

Here is a handy link to a Google Doc webpage you can bookmark. It lists all MCS Formulas Products in A-Z order as of June 29th, 2024.
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Health and Hydrogen

Inhaling hydrogen gas or drinking hydrogen-rich water (HRW) for medical purposes requires a safe, pure, and potent source. Water electrolysis technology appropriate for inhalation includes the polyelectrolyte method. Polyelectrolyte (also known as PEM Proton Exchange Membrane) is the safest way to produce the level of hydrogen frequently inhaled at hospitals and homes. The Health and Hydrogen devices uses PEM technology. Explore Cancer-related Hydrogen Research.
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Product Name/Model

Hydrogen Inhaler - HAH-3000

Flow (ml/min)

Flow - 3000, 2250,1500
Hydrogen - 2000, 1500,1000
Oxygen - 1000, 750, 500

Power (W) 


Net Weight (Kg)


Hydrogen Purity


Power Input

AC110V 60Hz or AC220V 50Hz

Water Quality Requirements

Distilled water (TSD=0)

Product Size (mm) 



When you can't find it at MCS formulas - is our next choice international online supplement store!

We have found iHerb to be a great company as far as products and service goes - always delivering reliably and quickly.  They offer free shipping deals but they vary from country to country shipping to Australia is available for orders over $70. Worldwide, iHerb's charitable donations have totaled over $3.5 million between 2020 and 2021 and over $9.6 million since 2014.

Use the links below to receive a 10% discount for first time iHerb customers and 5% discount for existing customers. This applies to all iHerb products, not just those shown below.

Hydrogen-Rich    Alkalised    Hexagonally Structured    Mineralised    Filtered


Use our study group code MHC20 to receive a 20% discount on a Hydrogen Health water bottle.
However if you are considering a machine to inhale hydrogen rather than just drink it be sure to reach out to me via the contact page before making the purchase as I have done a lot of research into the protocols, machines and the technology for price and could save you from any unwanted errors. I even have a details of a new machine rental plan I am happy to discuss.