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Worksheet + Breast Cancer Pathways PRIVATE Facebook group
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Breast Cancer Pathways FaceBook GroupPrivate: JOIN or LOGIN

The Breast Cancer Pathways Facebook group is a private Facebook group in which we share breast cancer related research finds.
Simply type what you are looking for into the group search window or search the topics in the group to target the information thread you are interested in.

Breast Cancer Pathways Research ProjectVideos, Free Download and more

The Breast Cancer Pathways worksheet project began in early 2019 as a collaboration between two stage IV breast cancer thrivers, Maria Wessling Bachteal and myself, Abbey Mitchell.

With help from members of our Facebook group, we have dedicated countless hours searching for and organizing breast cancer specific laboratory and clinical research that is accessible in the public domain. The free to download  Breast Cancer Pathways Worksheet is part of that.

Healing Cancer Study Support Group

"A cancer community (on facebook) that is hope focused, science driven."

The aim of this Facebook group is to make the task of researching the many topics pertaining to healing cancer easier, faster and friendlier.

Healing Cancer Study Support Facebook GroupPrivate: JOIN or LOGIN

The healing cancer study support group’s A-Z directory is super helpful in that it takes existing group members directly to a thread of information on the same topic within the Facebook group.

A-Z Index of Healing Cancer Study Support Group Links to threads & topics on the Facebook Group

Learn more, join and participate in these online communities to learn all you can.

Healing Cancer Study Support GroupAbout the Group

HER2+ Breast Cancer Circle Community and FB Group

Integrative Protocols group with Maria Wessling Bachteal NC
Learn More About Mariaand Maria's offerings to the HER2+ community

Maria has launched a low-cost HER2+ subscription-based group on the Radiant Healing Together Circle platform that expands her offerings to live events that foster community as well as a comprehensive database of resources for her group members.

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"Radiant Healing Together"
A low-cost subscription-based group (on the Circle platform)

TNBC research and discussion group

TNBC Research and Discussion Facebook GroupPrivate: JOIN or LOGIN

This group is for women living with TNBC (Triple Negative Breast Cancer) who are looking to pool information regarding this disease, and who are looking to support each other on this journey.

It is not intended to dispense medical advice, nor should any information discussed the forum be construed as medical advice.

Breast Cancer Integrative Healing {Integrative Tribe}

There’s nothing like it in the world! So grateful!
Breast Cancer Integrative Healing {Integrative Tribe}PRIVATE: JOIN or LOGIN

The incredibly supportive and highly informative Facebook group created by Layce Murray.

Learn more about Layce and her work in these two related posts:

Radiant Healing Together Community

Radiant Healing Together community discount code for
Radiant Healing TogetherPRIVATE: JOIN or LOGIN

A new online breast cancer community for healing and learning - hosted on (and with iPhone and Android Apps for mobile viewing and access).

Learn more: