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Healing and Learning Supported within a Online Breast Cancer Community & Platform.

Don’t overlook phone apps and desktop platforms as opportunities to connect, learn and uplift one another.

“Breast Cancer patients with close social and emotional ties … have better survival and fewer recurrences.” -Oncology Times

According to published research data, care & support can transform our treatment, remission & survival outcomes on the breast cancer journey

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An Overview of the Radiant Healing Together Community

Introduction to the Radiant Healing Together Online Community

Research data shows that a sense of community and support can radically change our immunity, our happiness, and our cancer outcomes

I (Abbey) recently joined a nourishing and very different new online community hosted on the Circle community platform; Radiant Healing Together (RHT). The aim of the RHT community is to support the healing, learning and up-liftment of those on the breast cancer journey, no matter the breast cancer stage or sub-type. 

It’s a super inspiring creation by a  very dear soul whom I met in another breast cancer FB group a few years back. Amy has been through a lot and is blessed to not only be a be a breast cancer survivor but also a thriver today. 

Amy's found her post-diagnosis purpose in life and has so much energy and focus and she is using it wisely in the creation and nurturing a new international community in which women with breast cancer will experience the healing boost that is possible through quality connection and care for themselves and for one another. 

 It's a space for women in treatment or post-treatment and thriving. All stages are welcome. The focus is on self-care, creativity, and learning. 

There  are live yoga, breathwork, art and writing classes plus plenty of circles of connection and care. There is also research sessions and integrative healing practitioners coming on to support us around some of the steep learning curves regarding optimal nutrition and lifestyle choices. 

A Heart-centered On-line Cancer Support Community (Hosted on the Circle.so web / App platform)

Free 2 week Trial. Cancel at anytime.
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Free 2 week trial & Radiant Healing Together Discount Code

Radiant Healing Together Community
2 week free trial
$5 per month discount, using the code: ABBEY

You may cancel your subscription or free trial at any time in the 2 week free period.

2023 Subscription is US $35 a month, after the free 2 week trial. If you use the link above you pay just $30 per month for 2023.

Access via Web or App (Google Play / Apple iOS)

  • Download the IOS/apple app here
  • Download the android app here

Examples of the Daily Offerings and Community Activity....


Community Spaces Examples

(Spaces are groupings of discussions, posts and/or on-line, live or on-demand content for members)
Radiant Healing together Coffee and ConnectionRadiant Healing Together Community Yoga onlineRadiant Healing Together Community - meditations on-line eventsRadiant Healing Together

What do others say?
“You have created the type of support group that I really could not have even dreamed of! Literally there is something supportive, educational and nourishing to do almost every, if not every, single day, including Sunday! And you have made it affordable and easily accessible.” – Najla

DISCLAIMER: Any and all information in this post was gathered from published research in cell lines or animals, or from typical clinical use. It may not be complete, may not have not been verified in humans, and is NOT meant or given as medical advice, but only as a guide to further exploration.

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