The Cancer Resolution? (2023)A new interpretation: Cell Suppression Theory

Mark Lintern's cancer research challenges the traditional DNA theory and proposes that intracellular pathogens may be responsible for driving cancer through a suppressive mechanism. This theory sheds light on the impact of micro-organisms present in tumors and offers potential for enhancing patient survival rates for all types of cancer. His book also suggests alternative treatment approaches that focus on identifying and targeting these pathogens.

Alive, Surviving Modern OncologyAnn Gimpel, USA Today best Selling Author

The book's author Ann Gimple writes, "This book was tough to write. In places, it will be equally tough to read". In addition to the author's own saga, it includes stories from other brave souls from our online cancer study support group who volunteered to be part of this project. A whole chapter was set aside for Mark Lintern's 'Cell Suppression' cancer theory, and it also includes bonus interviews from Robert Nagourney MD., and another from Mark Sean Taylor (who runs the 'Patient Led Oncology Trials' group).

Naturopathic OncologyAn Encyclopedic Guide for Patients & Physicians

In this book, Dr. Neil Mckinney provides practical, useful information on all aspects of cancer care. The nature of cancer and its most important vulnerabilities are explained. Fundamental concepts explored include metabolic solutions to the fermentation problem, cancer stem cell management, epigenetic control over cancer genes, and immune activation against cancer.

Find how to apply integrative naturopathic medicines to support the standard of care in oncology - surgery, chemotherapy, targeted drugs and immunotherapy - to make these safer and more productive. Alternative medicines are also given for all cancer types, as well as for the care of adverse effects of therapies, complications, and emergencies.
Radical RemissionSurviving Cancer Against All Odds
Discover the keys that can unlock your pathway to dramatic healing in Radical Remission. NY Times bestselling author Kelly Turner, Ph.D., a researcher who specializes in integrative oncology and filmmaker, gives the reader the results of her research on over 1,000 cases of Radical Remission.

Encompassing diet, stress, emotions, spirituality, and other factors that profoundly affect our health and well-being, Turner’s discussion of how our choices can cause the seemingly miraculous to happen will open your eyes to what is possible when it comes to lasting healing.

See also: Radical Hope - Real-life stories from cancer survivors who have used the 9 key factors from the New York Times best-selling Radical Remission, with updated research and a 10th key factor revealed. Dr. Kelly Turner explores the real-life application of the Radical Remission principles and the people who have chosen to take this journey.

Metabolic approach to cancerDr Nasha Winters

The Metabolic Approach to Cancer explains why medicine has failed to find a single cure for cancer. Read this important book to learn how cancer is an environmental, metabolic disease with many small causes that stack up and what you can do to prevent or even reverse it. Taking control of your environment and your food gives you control over cancer!

Unpacks the physiological and emotional human elements that require balance and optimization in order to halt and prevent the cancer process.
Life Over CancerThe Block Center Program for Integrative Cancer Treatment

Dr. Keith Block is at the global vanguard of innovative cancer care. As medical director of the Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment in Evanston, Illinois, he has treated thousands of patients who have lived long, full lives beyond their original prognoses.

Now he has distilled almost thirty years of experience into the first book that gives patients a systematic, research-based plan for developing the physical and emotional vitality they need to meet the demands of treatment and recovery.


Some of our favourite cancer related podcasts
Big Believe PodcastListen Now

Believe Big Radio is a weekly podcast developed to help you find answers about integrative cancer treatments and prevention.

Ivelisse Page is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Believe Big which helps cancer patients face, fight, and overcome cancer. Diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer she overcame the odds without the use of chemotherapy and remains cancer-free today.
The Yes to Life Show (UK)Listen Now

The Yes to Life Show (UK) is all about cancer. As we rapidly approach the point where half of us will get cancer, there are some pretty stark questions facing us that the show attempts to throw light on.....

What are we doing wrong?
Why has the colossal investment in research produced so few answers?
What are we missing?
And crucially to all the above – What is cancer?

Dana Faber Podcasts SeriesLearn more and Listen
Dana-Farber's cancer podcasts cover a wide range of topics, including new research, the latest treatments, and survivorship.
Unraveled (the science of cancer),  Beyond Cancer (survivors sharing navigating cancer), Cancer Conversations (Q&A- with physicians, clinicians, researchers), Cancer Mythbusters (cancer myths debunked), Nutrition and Cancer (nutritionists and other experts with tips, advice), 
The Science Behind Cancer (science behind promising approaches to treating cancer), Voices (stories from cancer patients)
Cancertalk PodcastsListen Now

A podcast jointly hosted by Dr Penny Kechagioglou, Senior NHS Clinical Oncologist and Robin Daly, Founder and Chairman of Yes to Life.

In this occasional podcast (around one per month) Penny and Robin will host guest Practitioners from the world of Integrative Oncology – which in plain English means a broad, holistic approach to cancer care that includes support for body, mind and spirit.
The Moss ReportRalph W. Moss PhD

Featuring articles, videos, podcasts and more from science writer Ralph W. Moss, PhD. Since 1974, The Moss Report has been the world’s #1 source for unbiased, independently researched, cancer information.

Dr Nasha The Metabolic Approach to Cancer

Dr. Nasha's blog where we can stay connected to the future of integrative cancer care. Take a look through the many interviews, presentations and posts and then use the website's main menu to find your way to even more information and resources.

Radical Remission Project WebsiteKelly A. Turner,

For anyone ready to apply the key healing factors into their own life. The website provides access and information on Radical Remission online courses, workshops, coaching and current clinical study taking place at Harvard Medical School.

Radiant Healing TogetherInternational Community and App

A wonderful new breast cancer app & online community (on the platform) that offers a growing list of LIVE daily opportunities to connect, as well as a library of ON DEMAND classes, interviews & healing meditations.

Create to Heal FREE phone appThe Create to Heal app

This free app was tested over five years using hundreds of cancer patients. It provides guided meditations, soothing music, and art with a view to reducing stress and assisting in the healing process.

The Mindful Cancer App FREE phone appWarm soothing guided pockets of peaceful focus in our days.

Mindful Cancer is a simple daily app for Mindfulness and Meditation to bring support and calmness to people going through different stages of Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment and Recovery.