About the Healing Cancer Study Support Group

My name is Abbey Mitchell and I am the creator and caretaker of the private Facebook group: Healing Cancer Study Support Group. There is currently around 9000 people researching cancer in this study support group, including myself. We have come together from all over the world to give and receive support in the complex task of researching the many and varied topics pertaining to healing cancer.

Below are a list of helpful Hyper-links to pages within this site:

A-Z list of cancer healing study support conversations and files being shared within this private group. These links work for group members only.

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Supporting me to support you.
If you are in a position and willing to consider making a contribution towards the financial sustainability of me providing this support group …here are 4 easy ways.

1) paypal.me

2) Use this link when sourcing your supplements and the MCS foundation will send me a small slice of the sale for linking you to them. When these slices add up, I get to cover the cost of my own healing cancer supplements which means we keep me healthy and the group going.

3) Learn more about my invitation to become a healing cancer study support group patron here:

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