Hi, my name is Abbey Mitchell and I am the creator and lead admin of the private Facebook group: Healing Cancer Study Support Group.

The group was created in 2019 and today there is around 17,000 people researching cancer in this study support group, including myself. I’m an Aussie but our members have come together from all over the world to give and receive support in the complex task of researching the many and varied topics pertaining to healing cancer.

View our A-Z list of links direct to conversation threads and files within the group

The aim of this group is to make the task of researching the many topics pertaining to healing cancer easier, faster and friendlier.

To make your study time and ours flow a little easier start in the group’s announcements page, take a loo about and learn what this group is about and how it organizes research and support into dedicated threads. We are different in that we are not so much into loads of personal main thread posts, and more into ‘on topic’ comments inside dedicated research topic threads. We are above all a ‘study’ support group. While waiting for your group membership to come through please browse and bookmark the group’s A-Z threads and files directory. All these threads and files become active links once your membership is activated.


Once your membership is approved please start with the group announcements.

What members wanted to let you know about the healing cancer study support group:

Good discussion, collaboration, wonderful curator in Abbey, workshop type destination.

Excellent, and user-friendlier support for supplement and repurposed med protocols.

A group for people interested in knowing all the options out there for beating cancer, particularly use of off label drugs and supplements.

A cancer community that is hope focused, science driven.

Resource for knowledge about alternatives complementary to conventional treatments

Need studies? This group is the place to find them!

Outstanding resource to community

The best practical self-help site for tackling cancer on the internet.

Well organized. Well run. Participants are always respectful and helpful

It’s a grassroots effort by cancer survivors and their loved ones to research and compile the relevant data regarding cancer treatments that block metabolic pathways.

Invaluable resource for alternative treatments


Educational, current, huge resource, community

Fantastic group that gives me hope and spirit! I am extremely grateful for this group!

The most organized group I have been on because everything is searchable.

A research source for cancer treatments, which can be integrated with standard of care

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Turkey Tail, the most rigorously studied of all mushrooms, several human studies support the use of turkey tail for modern-day disease prevention and as an adjunct treatment to bolster the immune system.
Healing Cancer Study Support Group members can learn more about the current research group members are sharing and discussing on medicinal mushrooms and cancer.
Members wanting to read more on medicinal mushroom cancer research here is your link to the conversation thread.

USA Group Members have access to discounted practitioner grade supplements read more...

Members can follow this link to our thread which contains cancer healing book recommendation from our group members

Baicalin, baicalein, wogonin, and wogonoside are the major bioactive compounds extracted from S. baicalensis Georgi and being seen to modulate many important cancer hallmarks and pathways.
Group Members click here to jump in and learn more in the group thread dedicated to Scutellaria baicalensis

“A cancer community that is hope focused, science driven. ”

Since 2019.