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A hub of healing inspiration and support

Founded by Abbey Mitchell in 2019

What the Community says about the group.....

  • Good discussion, collaboration, wonderful curator in Abbey, workshop type destination.
  • Excellent, and user-friendlier support for supplement and repurposed med protocols.
  • A group for people interested in knowing all the options out there for beating cancer, particularly use of off label drugs and supplements.
  • A cancer community that is hope focused, science driven.
  • Resource for knowledge about alternatives complementary to conventional treatments
  • Need studies? This group is the place to find them!
  • Outstanding resource to community
  • The best practical self-help site for tackling cancer on the internet.
  • Well organized. Well run. Participants are always respectful and helpful
  • It’s a grassroots effort by cancer survivors and their loved ones to research and compile the relevant data regarding cancer treatments that block metabolic pathways.
  • Invaluable resource for alternative treatments

    Healing Cancer Study Support Group

    "Making the task of researching the many topics pertaining to healing cancer easier, faster and friendlier"
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    Free Breast Cancer Pathways Worksheet

    A systematic framework for breast cancer survivors and their clinicians to help organize their current protocol of off-label drugs and supplements based on a summary of available evidence. 

    Breast Cancer Pathways Worksheet ProjectFree Download & Information page
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