Fullscript Dispensary USA

United States Clients Only

Maria Bachteal is offering a Fullscript dispensary service to assist individuals who are members of the Healing Cancer Study Support Group (Facebook). Fullscript is an online discount dispensary for professional-quality dietary supplements available through health-care and nutrition professionals. Participants will have access to a curated list of professional-quality supplements at up to 30% below retail.  Maria receives a small percentage of each purchase, which helps support her contributions to the Healing Cancer Study Support Group on Facebook.

To sign up for the service individuals should email Maria at scsupplements101@gmail.com. They will receive a Terms of Use agreement, which they will sign and return either by scan/email (preferred) or fax (number will be provided if needed). There is no upfront fee. Once the signed Terms of Use agreement is received, Maria will also provide a one-time service of preparing a recommendation from Fullscript based on a list of supplement brands and names provided by the member. This DOES NOT include any recommendations on dosing or interactions with other medications and supplements beyond existing dosing recommendations available in the Fullscript database.  Individuals may order any time from Maria’s curated list of supplements at the discount price. Maria will also be available for one email exchange per order to discuss questions related to locating products in the dispensary.

(Option 2 for consulting services is not available currently due to the long waiting list from the previous offer.)

Note:Maria Bachteal is not a medical doctor and does not provide medical advice. Individuals who receive these supplement recommendations are responsible for reviewing them with a licensed health-care professional. It is the client’s responsibility to discuss with their oncologist or integrative oncology practitioner any potential interactions with chemotherapy.

Example Prices: Designs for Health Curcum-Evail 60 softgels $49.95 ($65 retail), Pectasol-C  270 capsules $82.95 ($108 retail), Integrative Therapeutics Berberine Complex  90 capsules $22.40 ($32.00 retail)
*Unfortunately, Fullscript USA does not ship to addresses outside the US. Members who reside in other countries are encouraged to locate a nutritionist to help them purchase supplements.