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Don't overlook absorption, binding, liver enzyme interactions and long term tolerance when creating a cancer healing protocol with drugs and supplements

Author Credit: The information in this post was originally shared to members of the Healing Cancer Study Support Group in May 2023. Permission to share the information here on was granted by the author Dr. Daniel Thomas. See the sharing guidelines for this post above.

Understanding the Complex Interactions of Multiple Drugs and Supplements: Implications for Efficacy

- Dr. Daniel Thomas, DO, MS

Many things can affect the pharmacokinetics and efficacy of drugs and supplements. Taking too many drugs and supplements at the same time may lead to various interactions that can decrease their effectiveness. Here’s how it can happen:

· Competition for absorption: Some drugs and supplements can compete for absorption in the gastrointestinal tract, leading to decreased effectiveness.

· Albumin binding: Some drugs and supplements bind to albumin in the blood. Albumin plays a crucial role in transporting various substances throughout the body. Albumin does not interact directly with cell membranes, but rather binds to specific receptors on cells that are responsible for recognizing and taking up albumin-bound substances. If too many drugs and supplements are taken at the same time, they may compete for binding sites on albumin, leading to a decrease in the amount of drug or supplement delivered to the cancer cells. This can decrease their effectiveness.

· Enzyme induction or inhibition: Some drugs and supplements can induce or inhibit the activity of liver enzymes. This can lead to altered drug concentrations in the body and decreased effectiveness. For example, taking a drug that induces the activity of liver enzymes responsible for drug metabolism can result in decreased drug concentrations and decreased effectiveness.

· Tolerance: Taking too many drugs and supplements can lead to the development of tolerance, where the body becomes less responsive to the effects of the drugs and supplements over time.

In conclusion, the pharmacokinetics and efficacy of drugs and supplements can be affected by various factors, including competition for absorption, albumin binding, enzyme induction or inhibition, and tolerance. Taking too many drugs and supplements at the same time can lead to interactions that may decrease their effectiveness. It is important to carefully consider the potential risks and benefits of taking too many drugs or supplements and seek medical advice if necessary to help improve therapeutic outcomes.

Dr. Daniel Thomas, DO, MS
Metabolic & Nutritional Medicine
Integrative Cancer Therapeutics
Mount Dora, Florida

Group discussion led Abbey to share these links to helpful online resources that support patients with information on interactions and effects of drugs and supplements.

DISCLAIMER: Any and all information in this post was gathered from published research in cell lines or animals, or from typical clinical use. It may not be complete, may not have not been verified in humans, and is NOT meant or given as medical advice, but only as a guide to further exploration.

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