Re-purposing Mebendazole for Cancer

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Re-purposing Mebendazole for Cancer 

Author Credit: The information in this post was originally shared to members of the Healing Cancer Study Support Group in July 2023. Permission to share the information here on was granted by the author Dr. Daniel Thomas. See the sharing guidelines for this post above.

Mebendazole is an anthelmintic medication initially used to treat worm infections in both children and adults and is fast becoming more well known for its key role in cancer patient healing protocols.

The mechanism of action of Mebendazole in cancer treatment involves several critical aspects, as outlined below:

Tubulin Disruption: Mebendazole disrupts tubulin, a common target of chemotherapy drugs like paclitaxel, colchicine, and vincristine. This disruption leads to an anti-proliferative effect in cancer cells.

Inhibition of Angiogenesis
: Mebendazole has been reported to inhibit angiogenesis, which is crucial for tumour growth and metastasis. This anti-angiogenic effect contributes to its efficacy in cancer treatment.

Induction of Apoptosis: Mebendazole promotes apoptosis in cancer cells, leading to programmed cell death and inhibiting tumour progression.

Cell Cycle Arrest: Mebendazole induces G2/M cell cycle arrest in cancer cells, preventing their uncontrolled growth and division.

Reduction of Metastasis: Mebendazole has shown the ability to prevent distant organ metastases by decreasing the expression of genes involved in cell migration and cancer stemness.

These above key mechanisms and the others you will see mentioned in the free FLCC Cancer Care e-book collectively contribute to Mebendazole's anticancer properties, making it a promising candidate for the treatment of various cancer types.

The Care Oncology Clinic (COC) protocol incorporates Mebendazole as part of its treatment regimen for cancer patients worldwide. The COC protocol often involves using Mebendazole at a dosage of 100 mg per day for a month, followed by a break for a month, during which another medication like Doxycycline may be used. The 100mg a day protocol is the lowest dose, and some doctors trained in integrative oncology or working with a COC representative prescribe their cancer patients slightly higher doses, which are cycled and off alongside other repurposed drugs such as Metformin, Doxycycline and Atorvastatin. Read more about the role repurposed drugs now play in cancer care in the free FLCC Cancer Care e-book download.

The potential benefits of combining Mebendazole with other cancer treatments are significant and include:

Enhanced Efficacy: Combining Mebendazole with other cancer treatments can potentially improve the overall efficacy of the treatment regimen. Mebendazole's anticancer properties, such as inhibiting tumour growth and reducing tumour initiation, can complement the mechanisms of action of other drugs, leading to improved treatment outcomes.

Synergistic Effects: Mebendazole has been shown to synergise with a range of other drugs, including existing chemotherapeutics and radiotherapy (allowing to overcome chemoresistance to cisplatin, TMZ, and anti-HER2 conjugates with anthracycline or gemcitabine). This synergy can produce a more potent anticancer effect, potentially overcoming drug resistance and targeting cancer cells through multiple pathways. and

Low Toxicity: Mebendazole has well-established pharmacokinetics and an excellent toxicity profile, making it a safe candidate for combination therapies with minimal risk of toxicity. This low-cost agent can be used alongside other repurposed drugs to create novel treatment options with reduced adverse effects.

Where are cancer patients getting Mebendazole?

Mebendazole is an over-the-counter medicine on the shelves of most pharmacies in some countries, and prices vary significantly from country to country. One 100mg tablet will cost a patient just over £3 in the UK. A prescription from a GP working with patients who have signed up for the COC trial (international) may provide a cancer patient with 1-3 months' supply of 100mg tablets made by a compounding chemist in their country. Usually, these are made to order and, therefore, for a higher price than those bought over the counter in the UK or Australia. A compounding chemist should provide pure Mebendazole at the prescribed dose. Be sure to ask the compounding chemist about the price before ordering. Prices can vary dramatically from country to country and chemist to chemist.
Many cancer patients worldwide, including many in the U.S., where Mebendazole is not sold over the counter, will source their Mebendazole online directly with or without a prescription. Many FDA-approved medicines are sold under generic brands online at a fraction of the cost. Feedback from cancer support group members points to Oncostore as the most reputable direct-to-patient online oncology store, providing PayPal buyer protection and guaranteed delivery of affordable, repurposed, FDA-approved medicines and oncology devices or a full refund. Cancer patient orders are accepted without a script. If the border security in the country where the medicines are sent stops the parcel, the cancer patients send these details from border security in an email to Oncostore via their contact page along with the invoice number and request a refund or replacement. The Oncostore customer service team is known for their empathy and understanding, and customer service is fast.

Be sure to read the free FLCC Cancer Care e-book download and discuss this research with your health practitioner to determine if it's suitable for you, the dose and the on/off cycle best suited to your situation.

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DISCLAIMER: Any and all information in this post was gathered from published research in cell lines or animals, or from typical clinical use. It may not be complete, may not have not been verified in humans, and is NOT meant or given as medical advice, but only as a guide to further exploration.

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