Breast Cancer Study Group Links

The first one is titled Healing Cancer Study Support Group.
The healing cancer study support group’s A-Z directory is helpful in that it takes existing group members directly to a thread of information on the same topic within the Facebook group. Existing conversation threads are the best place to read and ask your questions regarding the worksheet.

Join and participate in these online communities to learn all you can. Please be sure to search the group for keywords that could answer your questions. Take your time and take notes before posting your questions. Many questions have already been asked and answered to some degree. Start with a search before a new po

Direct Links to Breast Cancer Conversation Threads and Files
in the Healing Cancer Study Support Group

Triple negative breast cancer TNBC
HER2+ breast cancer
ER/PR+ breast cancer
Male breast cancer
Triple positive breast cancer, TPBC

The 2nd Facebook group is
Breast Cancer Pathways
If you are not already a member please request to join,
Breast Cancer pathways is a private Facebook group in which we share breast cancer related research finds.
Explore research related topics. Simply type what you are looking for into the group search window or search the topics in the group to target the information thread you are interested in. When posting you must use one or more of these hashtags because the database connects the dots and stores the data and it will be helpful in stage 2 of this project. Link to Hashtags list: here for pathways group members logged into Facebook.

Breast Cancer Pathways

. Or perhaps you are simply looking for our Breast Cancer pathways spreadsheets.

Breast Cancer pathways spreadsheets.

Maria’s HER2+ Breast Cancer – Integrative Protocols private Facebook group with Maria
is not a typical HER2+ support group, but an INFORMATION SHARE group.
“We have a base understanding of integrative cancer care from many helpful books and online resources—and understand the role we can play in steering our own cancer navigation ship”.

HER2+ Breast Cancer – Integrative Protocols

And a TNBC research and discussion group that a member of our big study group let us know about.

And last but not least there is the incredibly supportive and highly informative Facebook group created by Layce Murray titled the Breast Cancer Integrative Healing {Integrative Tribe}. There’s nothing like it in the world!
So grateful!

Breast Cancer Integrative Healing {Integrative Tribe}.