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Abbey's Alcohol Free Lipo C Elixir Monthly Subscription Service

  • Available for purchase in Australia Only (posted or with free Local Delivery available near 2448 NSW)
  • Made in Australia
  • High quality high-strength Vitamin C Elixir since 2017
  • As a liquid with high bioavailability
  • Alcohol free & Soy free
  • Free Local Delivery available (Near 2448 NSW)
  • The first order for one bottle is AUD $59 including express post and if you love it and plan to continue using it you will save loads by joining our monthly subscription program
  • 20% discount for monthly subscription.
  • Monthly subscribers orders are posted on the first week of every month to our customers across Australia at a discounted price.
  • Each bottle has a 8 week best by date when kept in the fridge.

Liposomal Vitamin C Elixir Ingredients

  • Ingredients: Non GMO Ascorbic Acid, Purified Structured Water, Non GMO Sunflower Lecithin
  • 1 teaspoon contains 1 gram Vitamin C
  • 44 grams of high absorption Vitamin C in each 220ml glass bottle

Storage & Handling

  • Store in fridge
  • Consume neat or stir into juice or water cooler than 30 C
  • Larger serves more frequently in healing & smaller and less when well
  • Fine with food and drink below 30 C
  • Be sure to wait 10 minutes before or after warm/hot foods or drinks
  • 1 teaspoon contains 1 gram Vitamin C
  • 44 grams of high absorption Vitamin C in each 220ml glass bottle

Ordering the initial bottle

  • Open our Contact Us page
  • In subject write: Lipo C inquiry or similar
  • Share how how many bottles you would like by the 1st of the next month?
  • Share your delivery address and mobile number. for Aust. post notifications.
  • Look out for a reply email containing and invoice within 48 hrs from Abbey
  • Confirm your order by way of invoice payment.
  • Towards the end of the month you will get notified to say your parcel is on the way.
  • If and when you decide a monthly subscription is right for you reach out via reply email.


Since my diagnosis of bone mets in 2017 I have been making and taking loads of pure liquid Liposomal Vitamin C. My cancer damaged bones just soaked it up in huge quantities the first couple of years of my healing.

One of the reasons I really love Vitamin C: Vitamin C inhibits cancer degrading and remodeling the extracellular matrix therefore supporting the prevention of bone metastasis of cancer cells.

Read more about why Abbey loves Vitamin C so much: 
Abbey's blog post on her metastatic cancer bone healing choices and Abbey's blog post on how Vitamin C influences the tumour microenvironment

Want to make a simple version of Liposomal Vitamin C yourself at home?

DISCLAIMER: Any and all information in this post was gathered from published research in cell lines or animals, or from typical clinical use. It may not be complete, may not have not been verified in humans, and is NOT meant or given as medical advice, but only as a guide to further exploration.

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