Contributing a File to the Group’s Library.

Step by Step…

To contribute a file. First create a PDF version of it.
Next you will need to: submit a post for approval that contains the PDF file, following these exact steps.
1) Navigate to the group’s menu item titled : Discussion
2) Go to: Write Post and look across to the left a little.
3) Hover over the More menu ( as shown in my image below) and you will see an option to Add File.
4) Select that Add File option and a new window will open
5) Within this file upload window please write a brief title and description for the file you are wanting to share in the group’s file library. Make sure you include the date and the version no. so your readers can know when they are up to date with your mind or if they may have new info to download.
The maximum file size that can be uploaded is: 100MB
6) The file will not appear to everyone else in the group until admin has approved it; only you and admin will see it. It could take a day or two before admin gets to her pending posts, needing approval.
7) Once you have your PDF file up in the file library you can update it at any time via the options provided next tot he file name in the file library. The coolest part about this update option is that you can do it as often as you like whenever you like without having to wait for me to approve it…and the hyper- link that I create for our A-Z hyperlinks page the first time you add a file stays the same even when it’s been updated. So cool!